Supermoto 426

Hey I am wondering How would I go about putting an 18 inch rim on my bike, or where to get 19 inch moto tires

Hey turns out my work is a dealer for buchanon, I'm gonna get set up with an 18 rear and a 19 front. im not sure the exact diameter I am going to get for my rear rim. Any suggestions? my front is going to be a .185. And the sizes i picked 18 rear and 19 front, Is this a bad setup? And I am in the middle of a full rebuild, Split the cases, ordered my crankshaft assembly, dropping some hotcams in and a wiseco 13:5:1 HC piston, I currently have it geared at 12/49.. I havent ridden it yet, as I am still waiting for my crank to get here, I am also adding in a stator from an 01 Wr426 and flywheel from the same bike, I already have a cyclops headlight waiting for me to install after my rebuild, I am going to use a (brand is slipping my mind) combo switch on my bars, Im wondering What wire i have that is "hot" to run all the electricity off.. Noob question i know... Oh i forgot.. I'm having all of this done for me.. I judt don't have the time and patience to do it all by myself. i should have my bike back in just over a week. Is there anything else i should add while my bike is down?

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