setting up my wr for racing.

well, im finally getting a chance to race my 04' wr 450. Ill be racing in 2 weeks so i guess i have some time to get this figured out. It will be a GNCC style race (part woods, part MX), and i am VERY concerned about my suspension setup. The track it is at has some pretty deep whoops, and a fairly large uphill triple, and so far it seems like my suspension can barely handle even the smallest jumps. So i guess i am looking for setup tips for my suspension mostly, any other tips would be apreciated though.

thanks. :excuseme:

Factory Connection did my forks and shock.I loved the suspension on my bike

I didnt like the weight

Since you only have 2 weeks and wont have time to send it out, make sure your sag is set right and start turning the clickers in.


Bike resprung for your weight ? You can play with fork oil level's and your clickers.

I guess you've had the bike long enough that everything else is set to your liking ?

Armoured ?

Could change the brake fluid if you haven't recently.

Good tires for conditions, everything on bike tight, clean and smooth. Something like a bit of a rough clutch pull will kill you in a 3hr race.

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