my valves be stickin'

Has anyone had problems with exhaust valves sticking.My 02 wr426 has a stuck valve under the decompression release. The decompression lever is returning evertime, but the valve aint. Any thoughts?

when did you buy the bike? if you bought in the last thirty days and haven't done anything unnatural it's still under warrantee, ie free valve fix becuase stuck valves are a flaw in construction, unless you did someting wrong witht it. either way, just bring it in to the shop, if you don't know what to do, u'll just probbably cause more damage

I wish I had just bought it 30 days ago, its about 6 months old. I have been tring to figure out why its been backfiring. Thougt it was a jetting at first, now I only wish it was.

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