Desert Racing

Anyone race their pigs? I was at the District 38 race New Years Eve and noticed that most of the bikes running were 650R's. No one talks about racing their BRP's. After watching a few races, I would love to do it myself. Anyways, it was a sweet race, I think a VET took the overall. The leader after the first lap broke the rear axle nut and a footpeg. They also had trucks and buggies racing. It looked like Robbie Gordon was going to race in it but then he sold his truck the day of the race. It was my first time watching an off-road(truck and buggy class) event. Two thumbs up for me. Anyone else go???

Ah, you were at the Dunaway dash. One of Fuds races.... As for the Gordon truck. The owner of the cycle center had purchased the truck and semi-trailer prior to the race. Or so I was told. Gordon was there, they said the day before the race Gordon was putting on a real good show with the truck going down pit row at light speed..Mr. Tuck from Brawley was the one who broke his bike. Dewey, I think is the one that took the win.

Just thought I would add my part. Yes, I was there also. :)

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