chatter box

hey brp dudes :)

i figured with all the open country and desert riders up here that this would be the place to ask...

has anyone used the helmet mounted radios by hjc- chatterbox?

id like to be able to yell at the kids all the time :D

i think they would be helpful if they work as advertised.

thanks for letting me play with the big boys!!!


haven't tried the chatterbox, but I have seen dudes use the FRS radios. They had them zip-tied to thier chest protector. They didn't use the vox feature but slowed down and used the PTT and seem to understand one another. Don't know if you want your kid do the one-hander trying to find a button, but it's a cheap alternative.

They work fine. The Vox system is a little difficult to use. You have to talk fast/loud. Any short pause in a sentence will cause a break in the tranmission. Our system also came with a push button system that you strap to the handle bar that hooks to the helmet radio. That works perfect.

That's a good question, I purchased a Garmin RINO 120 GPS that has the FRS built in, and was planinng to get a lite weight head set, and PTT setup to yak at others in our riding group, they have Garmins also...If it works, I'll report back to the board. I think this would be great to have on long rides, where riders can get strung out a distance....

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