Is a spoke touque wrench needed

Want to start trueing wheels.

Need to do some of our own.

Is the FASST adjustable touque wrench worth the money.


for std. spoke maintance? no.

if your truing wheels as in your case. as long as your spoke threads and nipples are CLEAN, then they will give a close number. and most likely will be consistent through every spoke.

btw. excel makes one....its MUCH cheaper

I have actually never owned one. I usually set and even out the tension by tone. But unless you have another similar wheel to go by or some experience (yours or someone else's) to work with, a torque wrench will give you a good starting point.

For an entry-level / occasional use tool, I strongly recommend the Excel kit. After I bought mine, I went over a wheel I had recently built by "feel" and "tone" and was astounded at how far out I was. The Excel unit may not be "high end" precision instrument, but at least it puts you in the ball park.

Just my $0.02.

if you build your own wheels yes!

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