Is this an incredible deal, or am I crazy?

I don't know if we're allowed to post links to eBay items, but I wanted I have to get your opinions on this.

As I normally do, I'm kicking around eBay on a daily basis looking for goodies for my bikes (08 YZ450F & 05 YZ250). I always sort on newest listed first so I can grad the best deal before anyone else. Last night I find a Two Bros carbon fiber slip on for my 08 YZ450F. I'd been thinking about getting one of these and had done some research on them. I know the carbon fiber versions go for $529 on Two Bros web site. I just bought the bike new and spent a ton of money on other goodies, so I wasn't really in the market to pick this item up yet, especially not at full retail price. But wait a second, the buy-it-now price on this thing says $149 !!?? I figured something has to be wrong, so I read, re-read and re-read again, but it looks legitimate; it's brand new, no dents or scratches that I can see or that the seller describes, all parts are there, etc. I double check the part number against the Two Bros home page, and I'll be damned it's the right silencer. Further down in the eBay description is a picture from the sellers web-site. It appears this seller has an actual physical location retail store as well. The picture says the buy-it-now price is $275, but the eBay ad listing says $149. Hell, even at $275 this thing is almost half-price.

I keep thinking someone fat fingered the price when they posted it on eBay. I guess I could understand that price if the model year was 5 years old or older, but this is a late model unit. Is this a) an incredible steal, :excuseme: too good to be true, or c) not that good of a slip on exhaust? What am I missing?

Email him and double check on the price, if he responds well buy it, though if he realizes a mistake he may relist it so I'm not to sure on what you should do.

how much is the shipping

how much is the shipping

$15 UPS ground to my house :-) This has to be a typo. Just buy it and see if they actually ship it. I bet you get an email saying the item is not available.

i use ebay alot, and never had any problem with any of the "power sellers" with good feedback, this guy seems to have both.

sexy pipe but i dono if a slip on give much more hp.

On the '08, most anything will make noticeable improvement.

Looks legit - I'd be buying it and returning it if it's NOT as described - description includes the SS pipe not shown in pic (only caveat I could see in advertisement):

Description: Stainless steel slip tube with high temp carbon fiber canister. Experience increased throttle response, more power throughout the powerband, and lighter weight.

On the '08, most anything will make noticeable improvement.

That's what I've heard/read. Apparently the stock silencer is rather restrictive and that virtually any aftermarket silencer will add better throttle response, acceleration and maybe even a few ponies.

I don't know how good the Two Bros carbon fiber silencer is compared to other notable manufacturers, but it looks sexy and at that price it's difficult to pass up.

Buy it.


I went ahead and bought the Two Brothers exhaust from the eBay auction shortly after posting my question on TT, and it arrived today. KA CHING !!! :lol: It was the real-deal, and the exhaust was in perfect order in it's original packaging from Two Bros' unopened. This thing is super sexy and obnoxiously loud !! Installtion was a breeze. I only started the bike in the garage, and I won't have a chance to track test it until this weekend. When it was all said and done, I paid $172 shipped :excuseme:


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