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Anyone interested in doing some riding in the Cadillac area tomorrow (6-16)? A friend of mine and I are planning on taking advantage of the cooler weather, and it would be great to meet some new people to ride with. We will be heading up 131 from the Grand Rapids area. We like to ride mostly single track and at a faster than average pace.

Hello, anyone out there?

I'd like to go riding with you,but my bike decided to die. Maybe next weekend.

Hey Tony Id love to hook up with ya. But I am waiting to be picked up as I type . Im headin to the U.P. for the week to go riding. Will be back next Sunday. We were just talkin of ridding Cadillac area when we get back. If you head up there try riding the trail at Caberfee Ski Resort. If you have never been there its on 55 west of Cadillac. Turn into the entrance and the staging area is to your right. There is a trail that runs north and south. I love that trail. Hardly any woops. Lots of roots and trail nasty's though. Otherwise were ya riddin. Long lake or Misake junction?

Im in the Muskegon area. PM me and well maybe we can hook up in a few weeks.

Cjohnson, sorry to hear about your scoot. What happened to her? Nothing serious I hope.

Unfortunately guys, next weekend will probably be too hot for my taste!!

Yzman400, that's exactly what we were planning on riding, but from the Lincoln bridge up to Boon Road and back. We rode there over Memorial Day in a terrential downpour, and thought we'd like to do it again in better weather! Oh, and have fun in the U.P. What area are you headed, or I should say, did you go, by the time you read this?

I've ridden Missaukee Junction and Long Lake. Those are both fun too.

Don't know if I'll be riding much more until August or later because of the heat. Plus I'm thinking of sending my suspension to Pro Action.

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This trail near cabrafae, is it a designated trail

for ORV's? I have not seen a map of this one. My wife and I travel through the area on are way to other trails, and I have always thought that would be a nice area to ride when we finally get our bikes street legal, lots of two tracks heading off the main road. I just finished my bike up last friday, just need to make arrangement to have the bikes inspected by an officer now.

Carl, the trail near Cabarfae is part of the Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail (MCCCT). This is the continuous statewide trail created by the Cycle Conservation Club. Join the CCC for $25 and they will give you a detailed trail map book. I've seen the maps on the internet as well. The MCCCT trail can be ridden by ORVs in most places, and much of the trail near Cabarfae can be, but some connectors will require a Secretary of State license, and will be marked as such.

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