coolent spitting out of my exaust

i was riding along on my yz426 2001 and there was a sucking noise i know where it was coming from stopped refilled and a m8 said that it was blowing smoke while i was riding after i filled the radiator it wouldnt start took off the exaust and coolent was in there it has allso gotten to the oil systen i took out the oil filter and there was coolent in there to can any one offer a sugestion on what could be wrong is this a common thing to happen on this bike or is something reali wrong

Most likely a bad head gasket. There are two things that come to mind with this problem, bad head gasket or cracked head/cylinder. It is very rare that a head or cylinder crack so don't get too scared.

Geez Nathaniel - is it ever going to stop????

You probably reused the head gasket from before your latest head adventure - you should ALWAYS replace the gaskets - if not, and you actually replaced the gasket - properly torque your head down!!!

ok i baught the bike in it's current condition and did not perform the rebuild thanks for the advice tho, i'll b sure to replace it when i check the cylinder i hope it is not cracked but i'll bechecking tomorrow thank you for your help every one who responded to this.

Hi Nathaniel - I got you confused with another N.. who just went through a whole lot of heartache with his bike - and I thought this was the outcome - good that yours is a "fresh" incident - good luck with the head gasket - hopefully no other internal damage from someone running it too long like that.

I was wondering how you knew so much about someone with one post. :excuseme:

could it be just streching pains, and the head gasket gaveway thats what i'm hoping because a cracked cylender would just suck, is there anything i sould watch out for on this bike, especialy after a rebuild.

it could be as simple as:

1. last person that did top end work didn't torque the cylinder/head down properly.

2. last person that did top end work didn't clean off the mating surfaces properly.

3. last person that did top end work didn't check if the mating surfaces were level.

4. last person that did top end work reused the old gasket.

Fix any/all of the above issues and you will be fine

ok i hope it's one of those and not something really bad thank guys :excuseme:

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