Fitting FMF Slip-on

Apologies if the information i'm about to ask for has been provided before. I've been scouring the posts and can't find what i'm looking for.

I've just purchased a 4.1 slip-on and want to know if it's necessary to put any exhaust sealant between the joints at slip-on/mid-pipe, and mid-pipe/header?

Also, for those who've bought them, do you use the stock mounting bolts that come with the bike or did you get provided with some with the slip-on? Mine came without.

My FMF Powercore slip-on came with a sleeve which fit very tight. No sealant required. '07 WR450.

No sealant is required as long as it doesn't leak there. If you find it leaks then pull it off and put a little high temp silicone on it. I believe the Factory 4.1 should come with a different bolt for the mount on the can. The bolt on the midpipe is the same, but the bolt for the mount on the can should be shorter.

Thanks guys. I think i'm missing the bolt for the can. Might go looking to see if I missed it in the packaging.


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