How to change headlight from on/off to high/low beam?

Please ignore the title i was going to change my kill switch for the headlight from on/off to low/high beam

But i have decided to buy a complete headlight/indicator/kill switch/horn off ebay instead

At the moment the kill switch has 3 wires going to it from the bike (yellow/blue/black) and then 2 wires coming off it for the headlight,but when i bought the bike the headlight was aftermarket with 2 seperate bulbs so the wiring from the switch has been split into 4.

Can someone give me an idea on how to swap the wiring from the kill switch into the new switch?

Eg what wires are for low/high beam etc?

And which wires go to which pin on the headlight bulb?

Many thanks!

That's the same unit that comes with a Baja Designs dual-sport lighting kit. Look up BD and they should have the wiring diagram for it, possibly on line.

what year bike do you have ? here's a 04 ds wiring diagram. what headlight do you have? . does it have a dual filament bulb and a running light bulb . or is it a high and a low light?


Thanks for the replies i forgot to say its a WR400 2001 model.

The bike did have an aftermarket acerbis headlight with 2 seperate bulbs but ive bought a standard headlight that has 1 bulb with 2 filaments in it.

first I think your bike is all ac current. So the headlight will be e-z enough to get to work but any turn signals or the horn are going to be an issue.

According to the wiring diagram I have for a 01 wr426 the kill button only has two wires a black and a black with a white stripe those will need hooked to the the blue/white and the black/white extra wires on that switch that will take care of the kill.

your black wire is the main ground so run that straight to the light for now. Your yellow wire is the bike's hot wire. so hook that to the red wire on the switch . then hook the yellow wire out of the switch to your high beam fillament. and the green one to your low beam ,and then the blue from the switch to the blue on your bike. and that should have all the straight forward stuff working. after that you will need some dc power.

This will only work if your switch is like mine.

Black w/ white stripe – Kill wire. Attach to stock kill wire that the stock kill button unplugs from.

Blue w/ white stripe – Kill wire ground. Attach to chassis ground (or factory wire that goes to chassis ground.)

Blue – Power in. Attach to fused DC power.

Red – Accessory power out. Hot in either of the two upper switch positions. Use to power taillight, turn signals, & horn.

Light Green – Power to low beam.

Yellow – Power to high beam.

Brown – Power to left turn signals.

Dark Green – Power to right turn signals.

Orange – Power to turn signal switch from flasher relay.

Pink – Horn wire. Attach to one side of horn.

Black – Ground for horn and high beam indicator. Attach to DC ground (not always chassis.)

Yep the bike is all ac current not dc

Im not worrying about the turn signals yet i dont need them for an mot so ill have to use arm signals for now! :excuseme:

And i dont mean the original kill switch was used the the headlight an aftermarket one has been used which has 3 wires going to it from the bike (yellow/blue/black)

As the original kill switch is still working on the bike i shouldnt have any problems wiring it in to the new switch though i might just leave it and not re wire at all.

So basically its just the headlight i want to sort out

It's all wrote down there . you don't have to hook up the kill if you don't want to . Note if you do hook the kill the the headlight switch your bike will turn off in the no lights position on the switch . like a extra little off button.oh and Also I don't think your highbeam indicator light will work on ac or aleast I would not count on it working very long

Sorry i dont get exactly what youre saying

If i wire the new switch up as it should be then the surely if i turn the lights off the bike will stay running.

And i dont get what you mean about the high beam indicator light,again if its wired up properly surely eveything will work ok like high/low beam etc

this style headlight switch has a built in kill for when the lights are in the full off position "with the slider all the way back is position off " this triggers the kill too because it's is a built in saftey thing so your not riding on the road with no lights.

what I'm saying about the indicator led is is will most likely burn out , is a light emititing diode and is not going to stay working on ac voltage . it is made for dc

Ah ok i understand what youre saying about the headligth switch,though it does sound a silly safety feature they shouldnt have bothered putting an off position on the slider!

And i didnt even notice till now there was an led on the switch,shows how much i look at stuff!

I take it the led flashes as the indicators flash? Im not bothered if the led flashes aslong as the indicators work! :excuseme:

But i wont be adding indicators anyway for the time being,im not sure what flasher unit i need and how to wire it all up (im sure ill ask on here at some point!)

that is a high beam indicator it's not for the turn signals.. it lights up blue when your on high beams.

No probs well its not the end of the world if it doesnt work then!

Ive found some info on the BD site,its not a wiring diagram but it shows what each colour does.

Many thanks for the help :excuseme:

Oh i still dont know which of the 3 wires goes to which of the 3 terminals on the headlight bulb,can anyone tell me? thanks

Hi can anyone tell me which wires from the bike go to the headlight terminals? Or does anyone have a wiring diagram for the WR400?

I don't have one of those lights and I don't have a diagram.

What I did to figure out what led did what . I hooked the headlight up on my workbench . I just watched where the beam was.

I don't have one of those lights and I don't have a diagram.

What I did to figure out what led did what . I hooked the headlight up on my workbench . I just watched where the beam was. I used a rc car power supply , but you can use just about any old battery that has a charge.

Good idea ill do that!

Im tempted now to just sort the bike out and leave it road till next year,winters drawing in!

After reading the BD wiring configuration for the switch ive bought im abit confused,it states the following:

"If you are using this switch panel on bike with a dual output stator (such as a CRF450X or KTM 4-stroke) where the headlight will be run exclusively via the AC output, a separate relay switch is required"

Does that mean i will need a seperate relay switch for the WR400?

no you don't need a relay .

After reading a post on here and after speaking to a friend im abit concerned about running the headlight through the switch without having a relay.

Will the switch definately be able to handle the 55w from the headlight without breaking it?

If anyone could let me know asap that's be great as i want to wire up the switch today,many thanks!

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