Leg cast. Toes turn blue when standing. Normal?

I broke my leg 3 1/2 weeks ago. Leg cast below my knee.

When I stand on crutches, my toes swell and turn blue/purple. Then when I sit and elevate the leg, the color and size returns to normal.

Is this normal?

When I was on crutches my whole leg turned blue/purple, (the one I wasn't using).

So I'm guessing it's definitely normal. I think it's lack of oxygen because you're not using it.

Blood pooling the the leg? If i remember right the calf muscle returns the blood back to the heart so if your not using your calf muscle the blood stays.

Saw the my DR. yesterday. Said this was normal on a leg/ankle injury. Something about blood vesels and/or gravity.

Broke mine 3 1/2 weeks ago too. My toes are not turning blue, but I do swell up through the day. Toes get fat and the cast gets snug. As soon as I get home from work and eleveate, relief is felt in minutes.

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