Asterisk braces - anti-chafing advice?

I am forcing myself to wear the braces I bought last year.

I'm getting quite a bit of chafing on the back of my knee.

Does anyone have advice about reducing this?

I had the same problem, getting raw behind the knee.

I asked Billie Frank of asterisk about this after riding one day. He said some people have irratation from the stiffeners behind the lower laces on the lycra. I used an x-acto knife to remove mine. He also suggested relacing the braces, starting at the next eyelet down from the center.

Doing these things has resulted in chafe free riding for me, as I am 6'8", my knees are bent a bit more than most...

I use over the knee MX socks and I then use neoprene knee supporters from the local sporting goods shop that keep the socks from riding down and also keep my astericks in place.

The neoprene is a little thick and might make buckling harder, so but I bought some thin neoprene like the "seal savers" ad for forks. Seamstress/Tailor at dry cleaner will sew together for real cheap(less than $10.00) and this will stop the chafing and keep socks from falling down.

I had some surgical legging from surgical supplier and that stuff is great when it is hot and last thing is panty hose slid over your knee. Get the "tan" cause "nude" doesn't hold up.

Have used these ideas with old school EVS knee brace and Donjoy. Neoprene keeps the joints warm and with the over the knee MX socks I ride to about 30 degrees before pulling out long underwear.

i wear over the knee soccer sox and takes care of that problem.

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