Aftermarket Gas Tank Graphics Peeling,Help!!!

I'm using Ceet Ty Davis graphics on my IMS tank. They have been on the bike for about 2 months,everything has been ok until now.PEELING at at least 4 corners.Shroud graphics NO PROBLEM!! Just the gas tank graphics!!During installation I sprayed a little Windex on the tank and the shrouds to position the graphics properly.Any adhesives recommended or any other ideas?? I hate to spend another 70 to 80 dollars for another set.Please help!!! :D:):D

Sorry dude;

Mine have been on for 6 months now. I've got a couple areas starting to peal up, gonna get worse each wash, oh well. You really can't do much about it, I'm surprised mine have lasted as long as they have. At best, just going to consider it a yearly deal if necessary. I know they look nice, but there only stickers........

Dodger :D:)

I just tried GOOP adhesive this evening,seems to be holding.It's supposed to be for automotive grade bonding,any excess skins over and peels off.Maybe this will work,Still kinda pisses me off you know!!!!Thought I did something wrong.They do look nice though.

As I understand it, if you drain your tank between rides you won't have this problem.


I had the same problem with my last set of graphics. Went to the hardware store and bought a small bottle of contact cement and reapplied to the loose graphics, they did not peel again. When it was time to remove the old graphics I used a little goof-off (Spray) and the graphics and cement came right off without discoloring the tank.

I've already had to do a little on the right upper-side of my new graphics because of gas overspill. No problem with them coming loose again so far.

Bonzai :)

I think everybody sooner or later will have that problem.... I used 3M spay adeshive... I think it`s the same as contact cement... never had a problem since.

Good tips guys,the spray on contact cement crossed my mind 3M makes great products.

Graphics Flappin' and Mud Slingin' :D:):D

3M spray contact cement worked fine on mine. But I am still trying to figure out how to keep them from bubbling. mike


I have wasted more money on (Un Vented) graphics than anyone on the big blue marble. I have tried all the recommended tecniques with absolutely zero success in the long run. Sooner or later they all bubbled. I finally gave up and started buying the thicker mill (Vented /Perforated) graphics and never again had an issue with bubbling. The stock Yamaha Graphics are by far the worst.


Bonzai :)

First, the tank graphics turn yellow, then they bubble up, then they get all gooey and slide around, then I take them off!

Rinse, repeat.

I won't waste any more money on graphics again.

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