03 cam in an 07 or 08?

I have an 03 and an 07 wr450. After searching the forum, I think my 07 would hit harder on the bottom end (like my 03 does) if I installed an 03 wr exhaust cam in it. 5TJ-12180-10-00

Has anyone done this?

Why not an exhaust cam off an '08? Its a direct fit and apparently the '08-'09 YZ 450f has the same intake as the '07-'09 WR.

Wouldn't a higher compression piston accomplish the same thing?

hi there mate can i ask how do u do the cam timein plz

I don't believe the cam will fit. The head design changed in the WRs from 07 on (and from 06 on with the YZs).

And, if for are thinking of putting an 06 or later YZ exhaust cam in the bike, don't do it if you value your e-start capability - all kind of e-starting issues.

Thanks for the replies so far :excuseme:

I didn't know the 03 wouldn't fit. That's very good to know.

So if I want hard hitting low end like my '03 what should I do? How about an 07 hotcams exhaust cam? Isn't it a YZ-like cam with decomp in the right spot? yz or hotcams intake cam too?

As for a piston, I haven't studied this yet. if I yank the jug is there a preferred 13.5:1 option?

BTW, I took off my 105 dB ghetto gutted stock pipe and installed a leo vince X3 s/o. It's much quieter and the bike pulls a bit harder throughout the band. It's still missing that 03 low-end hit tho.

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