08 yz Ex. cam in 08 wr confusion

Hey. I have read til I am blue in the face about the timing marks not lining up perfectly and some guys say 13 pins, some guys say 14 pins. This has been talked about many times and I just would really like to hear from someone who acually counted the pins on their stock 08 WR cams before they took them out. The book does clearly show 14 pins in between the marks, but to me 13 pins line up so much better. Would someone please explain why there are some many different opinions on this. It seems to me this should be cut and dried, but reading these threads has only confused me more. Sure wish I would have been smart enough to count them before I took it out! Had to babysit the little one yesterday, I thought I would be smart, bring the bike in the house, whip out the old cam, slam in the new one, wife would never know-only the baby and myself. Needless to say, the timing issue shut the door on that one. Couch was comfy

I don't count the pins I just line the hash marks up with the top of the cylinder head.

It shows you how to do it the owners manual.

You never can get it perfectly lined up but close always seems to work.

Thanks, that is true, I just read too many posts arguing over 13 or 14 pins, and lack confidence in marks. Every 08 wr 450 would have to be the same number of links between the top cam marks stock from the factory so I guess when some guys go with 13 pins and some go 14, one of them is timing it wrong. It lines up the best (marks on the head) with six and a half links(which is 13 pins) in between the top marks, on my bike.

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