yz kick stand

ok the yz does not have a kick stand obvious yes has any one atempted puting a wr stand on the yz? did it work out if no one has tried this i'll tell you how it went or if u have a better idea it would b much apreciated, reason for stand i'm 150 cm tall and ride a yz426 can you see where i'm coming from.

there was a thread the other day some1 had a kickstand on a yz250

trail tech or pro moto. I got the trail tech one it was $50 cheaper.

Because of all the individual parts you have to purchase from yamaha, it adds up to a costly item, but yes - the mounting points are there because the bikes share the same frame so it bolts right up.

trail tech or pro moto. I got the trail tech one it was $50 cheaper.

+1 on either of these. I went with the Pro Moto Billet ones on my YZ426 & YZ450. Never looked back and never notice the thing - other than when I need it. Prefer them to the stock one on my WR450

Trail tec. It works great. Also makes it easier to start the bike with the kickstand.

PMB is hard to beat IMO.


I have the trail tech one and it rubs on the swing arm after my first ride... I'd do the pmb if I was to do it again.

One thing to check - from memory, the WR426 had an extra tab/bolt hole to fix the stock WR stand to. Not sure if you can simply mount it on the YZ. Here is the best pick I can find of the PMB one mounted on my YZ426


PMB is hard to beat IMO.


+1. Quality construction, excellent fitment, and I never even know it's there when I'm riding.

+1 for Trail Tech for me. Fitted great and no interference with the swing arm.

For trail riding a side stand is a definite must have accessory.

never had a problem with my trail tech

use on a 01 426 Glad i did not spend the extra 50 on pmb

Same results as Wiz, the PMB one fits perfectly, doesn't foul on anything and you wouldn't know it was there when riding.. Great if you ride with kids and need to stop a lot to help them.

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