Went out yesterday on my WR400, first time for around a month it started to rain while out, when I returned and put bike back in garage after a few minutes noticed a creamy white discharge dripping from a thick black hose at the front of the engine cases down the side of the main frame down spar, looks like it run's up under the tank and towards the air box, Any idea's as to what it is ? is it water that has mixed with the oil on air box filter ? or has my bike caught thrush from the CR's I was runnin with !


I had the same condition only one time. Checked the oil and it looked fine, no evidence of water. You may know this vent comes from the valve cover. It may be condensation mixed w/ oil. I'm sure someone has the real explanation.

Was the WR and the CR ever alone ?

If not give them some privacy next time.

Was the WR and the CR ever alone ?

If not give them some privacy next time.

It is completely normal. This is caused by the humidity.

Now if you get a burning sensation when taking a leak see your doctor immediately. :)

Besides personnal reasons :D , a foamy oil condition is caused by water in the oil. If this happen in dry conditions, check for a faulty head gasket or, any place where coolant and lube passages are separated from each other by a gasket.

Or try to be less emotional with your bike :)


creamy white discharge dripping...


not good out of motors or people :)



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