2003 yz450f rolling chassis- what engines are compatable

Hi folks,

I have access to a 2003 450f rolling chassis (minus the engine) and was wondering if anyone has attempted to install a 06/07 engine into this frame.

For sure this is crazy but I can't seem to locate a 03-05 complete engine.

Thanks in advance,


I would imagine that it would be difficult to fit an '06+ engine. Even if the hard points lined up, there is the matter of the more vertical cylinder incline angle, which could cause some carb clearance issues with the frame, etc.

Thanks Gray,

Tonight was my lucky night, located an 04' engine- should be a better fit with that extra gear!



What extra gear?

isnt an 03 a 4 speed

So is the 04 engine your looking at.:excuseme:

isnt an 03 a 4 speed

Yes, it is. And so is an '04 and an '05. So again I ask, what extra gear?

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