YZ Extra Capacity Fuel Tank

Ordered the YZ Extra Capacity Fuel Tank for the WR. Got it from my dealer for $208. It has everything accept the front brackets and screws. Also does not have the seat lug and the screw for the rearward tank catch.

It comes with a fuel cap (no vent hose) , extra fuel line and a “Y” fitting to splice in the fuel shutoffs.

There are two fuel shutoffs to get every last bit of fuel on each side of the tank, they are CRUDE compared to the one on the old WR tank. The fuel shutoffs are made of some cheap pot metal with a PLASTIC selector. I would guess it would be best to use them as little as possible to extend their life.

The one fuel shutoff sits about an inch away from the exhaust header! When that selector is in “ON” position, the plastic selector comes within ¼” of the header.

The tank itself is well made (by ACERBIS), and the blue color match is perfect. All metal inserts are perfectly done like the stock tank. It is much thinner and taller than stock, and with the stock YZ seat it feels great!

It bolted right up perfectly, the only modification needed was a little trimming on the inside of the radiator side covers.


YZR-5JG24-00-BL $229.00


YZR-5JG24-00-CL $229.00


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