New WR450 owner

Just switched from Red to Blue! My riding partner and I just bought a pair of 08 WR 450's....had the dealer install the AIS kit and rejeted, etc. I just sold a 05 CRF450X that served me well for 3 hard seasons of riding - great bike, but I did not like the front end plowing, riding it in sand and it just did not work well at lower speeds when we were on tight single tracks. So far the Yamaha is just what the Doctor ordered - planted front end, good in sand and works great in the slow tight stuff! I'm sold so far - We got both bikes street legal in AZ and we are ready to rumble when it finally cools down around here (Scottsdale, AZ)

Questions: 1) We are considering the best brand for radiator guards - so far, the Flatland product is the best we have found. Do you have to drain and remove the coolant lines to install - or can you install without removing any lines/coolant?

2) Does anyone know the best suspension guy in the Phoenix area? I am 195#'s without gear, but with all the gear and camelback my very first ride I am bottoming the rear suspension all the time - I will set the sag this weekend, but most likely will need to go to a stiffer spring. I would like to have someone assist with the setup, both front and rear....suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance! Ron :excuseme:


I just installed the Unabiker guards/braces on my 07. These things are rock solid. 5 braces on each side and 2 braces through the frame that tie the two guards together. Install was pretty easy. Some of the frame-side screws were hard to access but if you have the right tools it can be done with ease. I didn't have to remove any rads or coolant lines. It would have been easier to remove the left side rad hose but I managed to work around it ok. The new style Unabiker guards are much better than the old style Unabikers I have on my 03 WR. Anway, my vote goes to Unabiker. I'd also recommend the Flatlands skid plate.

I'm in CO so I can't help with #2

The 07 WR is new to me. It was a dog when I got it. I did the AIS kit, rejetted, did the o-ring AP mod, clipped the grey wire, and removed the pea-shooter. The difference was night and day, but still lacking. I put a slip on pipe on it (Leo Vince X3) and it really woke up. IMO, a pipe is a must on this bike. I tried gutting the both stock baffles (frugal route). It gave me power but it sound tested at 105dB! It wasn't very bassy either. It sounded ghetto. All my buddy had to do was remove the baffle insert on his 450x, but I think the WR really needs an aftermarket pipe.

Good luck :excuseme:

Coloradobrad is dead on about the pipe. I ran the stock pipe with the PMB insert for almost a year and while it was an improvement over the stock baffle, any high flow aftermarket muffler/header combo is in another league.

Unabikers are the best rad guard design for this bike. I like to think of them as a brace, guard, and cage all rolled into one. Installing the unabikers did not require a coolant drain.

I hear these guys is where its at for desert type suspension work:

I've got the suspension guy for you. Jason - the previous head mechanic and service manager for Bernies KTM, is working out on his own now. He is a super guy, extremely fair, quick turn around, local (Mesa), and does really great work. He knows suspension. His number is 602-561-2204. Good luck with the new sled.

Thanks for the response - we will look into the Unibiker guards and pipe - also, I will call and talk to Jason on suspension. :excuseme:


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