07 or 08

Hey guys I need advice. I have a choice of an 07 yamie 450 or an 08. The price is the same for both at 5700 brand new. I ride fast trails, stunt and go the track maybe three times a year. I mainly ride quads or my brother in laws crf230. I have ridden both bikes and the 07 seems more powerful. I found alot of info on the 08 but not the 07. I previously owned the yfz450 quad and loved the motor. But strangley the stock bike seems really down on power. (The 08) Anyone care to offer there opinion? Remember the one with the max power means nothing to me. I need stability and linear power with a full exhaust, air filter and chain sprocket. Aside from jetting no other mods will be made to the bike. Thanks!:excuseme:

Buy the '08 and put a DRD exhaust on it.

yup 08.

if not for the chance of higher resale value alone.

ya go with 08. I heard they did a little to help out the stearing for the aluminum framed yamis. Also, if anything it will help with resale value.

Do any of you guys own an 07 or 08 yz450? I really need a comparo.

own an 07 and rode an 08.

i'm not rushing out the door to sell my 07. the changes aren't worth the cost for my level and style of riding.

The '07 is 2 years old and the '08 is one year old.

(even if they are both "brand new")

There is very rarely any good reason to go with a non current model if you can get the current model for the same price (or even a few hundred dollars more is fine) --- although the '09s are out there, the '08 is still a current model for the next 4 months or so

Now if the price of the '07 was -- say 4500 -- i'd probably do that.

There is very rarely any good reason to go with a non current model if you can get the current model for the same price.

Agreed. Pretty much a no brainer if you ask me...You'll want a pipe on either, and the '08 attempted to address the steering issues by slightly changing the angle of the steering head...

If there was a big price difference, I'd go with the '07 (which I did) and not regret it (which I don't)...

And yes I've ridden both, and at my skill level (average+) I could barely tell the damn difference between them, and those differences were more attributed to just the set up of the bikes, ie: suspension settings, different rubber, pipes, and I have the ZipTy mod (which I believe makes mine start a little easier, and makes the throttle seem a little more responsive or "peppy")...I believe if they were set up exactly the same, it'd be impossible for me to tell the difference...

Well the dealer with the 08 renigged on the deal. He said the 5700 price was only if I was paying cash. So it looks like it will be an 07 for me! The other dealer is giving me a gift certificate and some other goodies so I guess I got a decent deal.(someone convince me I got a good deal!) I guess since Im not a pro and dont plan on selling the bike any time soon the difference between the 08 and the 07 wouldve just been bragging rights at the trail anyways, right? Thanks for all the input guys. :excuseme::lol:

the 07 is a great bike.. u will love it.. i love mine and apriciate it more and more everytime i get on the thing

Dammit!! Now the 07 is off the table cuz my bank wont let me finance the asking price for the 07. They said I would have to find a current year model. Now I gotta beg another dealer for an 08 for around 5500 before tax. I cant win!!

Got an 08!! Good deal too!! Man these things are hard to clean when they're muddy!! Anyone use plastic renew? I got the white LE yz and the pastics are really scratched up already. Also are the clutch covers painted? Why wouldnt they powder coat them? My pants and boots rubbed the paint right off after only 2 hours of riding! Im gonna get mine powder coated along with the cam cover. Did any body else do this?:lame:

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