FMF slip on pipe???

I'm thinking about purchasing a FMF slip on pipe for my '08 YZ450F. I was curious if anyone has ran a FMF pipe on there 450, and if it's a good exhaust.

I run the 4.1 slip on, and when I switch back to my stock pipe I notice a big loss in bottom end. If I was you I would go with a Dr.D pipe. The whole pipe cost just a little more then the FMF slip on, and the pipe makes the bike so smooth. I really want a Dr.D.

that or contact dave ar MRDracing and he can build u a pipe for 400 bucks.. with a lifetime warrenty..

I have the FMF 4.1 Stainless slip on my 2008...It really woke up the bottom to mid. I'm coming off an 07 CRF-450 and with this mod it's still super smooth compared to the CRF and therefore makes me a faster rider (less fatigue also). The Yammy has much better traction and hook-up. Other than the slip on the bikes needs very little else.

How good are the mrd pipes?

I ride mostly desert and gp's and I am looking to get a new exhaust system


Get the Dr. D SS full system. I just added this to my 08 YZ450 and I love the way the bike performs with the Dr. D pipe.

I hate the way the stock exhaust sticks so far out the back of the number plate.

I wanted something shorter/hidden.

Is the DRD the same length as the FMF???

Anybody got pics of there DRD on a 450???


DR D's are good...I have the FMF 4.1/Powerbomb header on my 06' and it's a monster:p down low

Anybody got pics of there DRD on a 450???



:lame: thanks gray, nice bike! Is that an 05?

Not with that frame. It's an '06.

I'd say the MRD and FMF powercore 4/TI powercore/4.1 pipes stick out the least.

The MRD pipes appear to be the real deal. The guy that builds them will custom make one for your needs and the construction is stainless/aluminum. If you manage to wad one up I believe he'll either fix it or replace it.

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