That's started by ranger

This is a good one. The 100,000 acre Hayman fire in CO was started by a forest ranger. The same one who reported she got the license plate number of the possible fire starter as he was speeding away (turns out he was a nearby resident who found the fire and was going to report it). This ranger started the fire to burn a letter she was upset about. She went away and came back and it was out of control. When she couldn't get it contained, she lied about how she found it and who started it. She is currently in jail and in big trouble.

the real people responsble are the eco-activist who stop controlled burning.these fires happen every year and innocent people end up losing their lives,homes and pets.all because organizations such as ORCA and sierra club want to our control the government.they are always putting injunctions stopping controlled seems they know what is best for american people.they dont care how we feel or what we want want!its all about them."PLEASE HELP, CHAIN A SIERRA CLUB MEMBER TO YOUR BUMPER THEN GO FOR LONG DRIVE"

What a shame. The real irony here is that she was patrolling in order to enforce the FIRE BAN in the area. ALL fires were banned, even in campfire rings, due to the severe drought conditions and extreme fire danger. The way they told it on the news is that not only was she stupid enough to start a fire in an extreme drought area, but she LEFT THE FIRE UNATTENDED for an unspecified amount of time, and came back to find it had ignited nearby trees. What an idiot.

These are the people charged with protecting our national forests. Has anyone ever heard of a fire being started by a motorcycle that did not have a spark arrestor? I know of several fires started by Forest Service personnel, either in a controlled burn that got out of hand situation of in an act of pure stupidity.

There ought to be a law...


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This lady that set the fire was apparently burning a note from an ex-husband (or soon to be ex), and it got out of control before she could put it out. She went back to the fire and saw a car leaving, so decided to try to blame it on them. On the up side, it looks to me like Rampart riding will more or less be spared-does that look about right? I'm sure it'll be unavailable for a year or more, but better than nuthin...

i believe that Cartman from South park said it best. "GOD DAMNIT"

Ha, thats about as classic as the fire we had here a few years back. It turned out that some granola cruncher wanted to "not leave his mark on the environment" and lit his toilet paper on fire when he got done using it, thereby starting a rather large forest fire.

Lets see---- Greenies and T.P.??? or ORV's and Spark arrestors??? HMMMMM........

We might be onto something here......

If you add up the total acreage burned in wildfires set by greenies while backpacking, then add up the acreage set by dirtbikes with no spark arresters, then compare the two, guess which has caused more damage? I'd almost bet a paycheck the greenies win hands down.

If this is not brought up during some of the hearings regarding land closures and wilderness designations, our attorneys are not doing their jobs.


Dude, you seem to miss the point. Just like the Los Alamos fire last year, the feds are burning us down. Just imagine if a paper, lumber, or mining company had done either of these. If it had been by company policy like Los Alamos or by an idiot employee like Colorado, they would have been toast. But we keep the feds around doing things they have no business doing.


well our huge montana and idaho fire last year was caused by an outta stater dunping his still glowing birquetts in a ditch. DUMB ASS. So he burned down as many acres as the colorado fire is doing. Several friends lost their homes. So in this case it was not a greenie or a dirt bike. But who knows maybe the guy was a greenie on his way to yellowstone to frolic with the elk and deer and maybe got mauled by a grizzly. We can only hope. That is about it from here, now back to you smokey the bear.

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