clutch plates question

I have a question regarding clutch plates.

On the 05 wr, there are 8 clutch and 7 steel plates. For the steel plates, there are 4 with one part number and 3 with the other.

What is the difference?

What would happen if the steel plates were put in in a random order instead of the order specified? Would it prematurely wear the clutch plates?


A clutch pack needs to have a required thickness in order to function properly. (design)

In all likelyhood, because of HOW things get assembled at plants, there is a specific order because in an assembly plant, EVERY movement is analyzed and streamlined, every part is installed in a certain sequence - likely, part 7 is done X number of times before part 12 - that's just the procedure they have for it.

This would be what the microfiche follows as well, so the factory assembly procedure dictates the outcome of the product.

If you replace the plates in the wrong order on a used basket/boss assy, it could lead to hangups due to the wear of the prior clutch, causing issues.

However, if you replace your basket/boss while you're doing the clutch pack, and installed them alternately or backwards or mixed up, you probably wouldn't notice a thing, you would just be changing from a predetermined procedure.

Your pack thickness would still be fine if you stuck to the right number of each plate.

Hmmm.... On my wr, all the fiber plates are the same. But the steel plates are different. My newly installed clutch lasted about 50 miles before it burnt out.

I assume that the thinner plates go closer to the pressure plate and the thicker ones go on the inside. There has to be a reason for that.

Or, maybe I had it adjusted wrong and need to put a lot more slack in the cable.

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