water pump ??? workin or not.

how can i tell if the water pump is workin properly? i`ve just rebuilt it and it seems ok but no-one knows why it went- possible overheating??

i was good on maintenance so i`m worryin now

More info needed - WHAT went on the pump - anything broken? Was it dripping out the weep hole?

Because the pump is directly driven off your counterbalance shaft, unless the impeller or the impeller shaft went, that pump should keep working.

Bad bearing would make noise - wear the seals, cause a leak, force you to have it fixed before it becomes a big problem.

Bad seals create a leak and unless you ignore it - it's also something that would get fixed soon.

If your rads warm up evenly with the motor - your pump is working.

These bikes will overheat if they do not get airflow through the rads, that's normal, doesn't mean your pump isn't working.

My wr450 does not overheat. Even when abusing it at slow speeds in the summer heat.

You can pop the top hose off and see if coolant is flowing while the engine is running. Or, both rads *should* warm up evenly.

if that water pump wasn't turning you would of overheated by now

yeah, cheers, the bottom end went, it all looks ok, impeller, shaft, seals,

i`ll have to take it for a few local rides till i can trust it on a long day then,

cheers guys

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