cracked swingarm??

Any of you guys had this one happen yet? I honestly havn't been in here in awhile. I've been over on the CannonDale side since I'm planning to purchase on of those too soon. Anyways, I found a crack on the chain side of the swingarm on the weld that welds the "arm" to the cast pivot part. You know right under the chain slider. I'll be checking to see what it'll cost to get that fixed cause I don't even want to know what a new swing arm costs. Anyways, just curious if I was the only one.



Sorry to say your not the 1st. There was quite the flurry of activity some time back when lots of guy's were checking out that weld area, Weld it up and roost! BTW. It appears the chain wears through to the weld and then grinds it off, resulting in cracks. Is this what happened to you?


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Been There, Done That!

Part 2

Now, I have the swingarm protector glued the onto the swingarm with stuff called "Automotive Goop". It's kind of like heavy-duty contact cement. The stuff is very durable and I'm seeing less wear on the protector than I have in the past. I also noticed that there's less wear now that I've went back up to a 50T rear sprocket from a 49T.

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Ahhh thanks for the link!!!

I plan on just getting it welded up for sure. My chain hasn't touched the swing arm and I havn't grinded the weld. I put on one of the TMD chain Sliders a long time ago to keep that from happening. Guess it just failed. Whatever, no big deal gives me an excuse to tear it down and go through the bearings at the same time.


I would also have it magnafluxed while its down to see if there are any other tell tale signs of cracking, the process should only cost $25.00 or so, would be a shame to get it all apart then put it back together only to find another crack later.

Didn't even think about that... I may have a connection to get that done for real cheap if not free. Thanks for the advice.


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