01' 426 and 02' 426???

I need some help...

What are the differences in the 01' WR426 vs. the 02? I am trying to help a friend on a purchase and I can not come up with anything. I do know of the progression from the 400 up to the new 450's, but I am not sure if there are any significant changes between these two years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

02 front hub is bigger, 02 swing arm is lighter, suspension valving is slightly different and different stickers,

how do i know?? i have an 01 and my brother has an 02, they both have the same power. :)

Thanks Mate,

I appreciate the information :)

Mate is a word we use when we cant be farked remembering some ones name, mate :):D

Same as dude i guess.







Dynamic, is there many places to ride over there??

So sad you had to ask :)

Here is the sad sad truth about Singapore.

Its a damn concrete jungle here.

We got more roads and pavements than open spaces to just ride.

Even if there was, its all government property so if we ride, we'll get prosecuted.

They usually have these small spaces fenced but we get in anyhows but the next weekend, they fence it up.

Its a never ending battle but lately they been putting security man...

If you look closely at the map, Singapore is very very small.

Its like a dot....

Our neighbor, Malaysia is much bigger and better.

A local guy (dude who brings in KTMs) actually made a track there (in Malaysia for us) :D

We pay like a small fee when we go so as to help him maintain the track.

The untracked portion of it is for wide open trail sessions.

The scene is small and strong.

Some talented riders.

Most races are in Malaysia but we had a race on the beach at one of our offshore islands, Sentosa!

Our local governing body for motor sports in singapore is:


WHEW!!! Out of breath man......


To continue.....

Singapore bikes are 100% road legal.

They have to be.

That includes all dirt bikes.

They have to be passed through some heavy stringent [censored] to get the legal sign man.

That means i gotto get chain guards, signal lights, license plates....


And yearly, we got to get them inspected so as to now to modify our bikes with any stuff illegal..

That goes for cars too..

Too much rules man...

What you want to know?

I'll die if i have to list the stuff that we are limited to here.

Yup, limited, 75% of the bikes made in the world never make it here.....

:D :D :)

Cant you run over the security guard and just do a runner from the law??? sounds easier to me. :)

Singapore is like so small that if you did something, they'll probably catch you man...

And we have our Traffic Police on Yamaha 750cc street bikes, i think they're Yamaha FZR or some new big fast [censored] bikes.

We are just too civilised and have too many rules....

The thought did cross my mind though... :)

I realise the topic discussed and title of e post are way off..

dont you think?


Who cares the original topic had finished long ago, so now its starting to look good, this happens all the time, im jumping between this site and an Aussie one, things get a little bit quiet here at this time of night. :)

So hows the riding on your side?

Whats your bike like?

Any whacked out or wicked stories to share?


Naaaa, broke my transmission recently, fitted the 450f cam, broke my ankle and dislocated my shoulder a while back, nothin too serious, how about you??

My bike is rather scruffy at the moment.

Waiting for some stuff to ship in so i can work on it.

Got a YZ tank+seat+pipe+some other stuff...

Been busy with the day job and havent reallt been riding but will do so soon...

My friend over in Malaysia had a track built on some empty land near his house so i'm going there to see if i can still fly..

Maybe this time i will fly and not crash!


Its very quiet ain't it?

Must be the time for our american counterpartst to catch some shut eye.....

Hmmmmm.... Time zone difference....


I'm getting bored...

At work but i'm surfing the net....

What you doin?

Bout 9:00pm yanks been in nye nye land for a while, just hangin around, waisting time, getting some info off the Aus site, but they are not tellin me anything new, oh well just listen to them then set them straight, what mods you have to do to the carb over there??

Sound cool, where are your friend's track locate?

Maybe can join you to go have a look?

Roost on! :)

HEy Rookie...

The track is there somewhere...

Not so sure cos i not been there yet..

Sure.... we'll go ride ...

Blue Beast,

I have not messed with my carb in any way...

Mostly stock engine i guess.....

Got to go off work now...

Goin Home...

See you all on TT again as always......

Peace! :)

Hey DirtDynamics...

Some of the best hole shots I have ever seen have been in the Phills, Hong Kong then Singapore. :)

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