01' 426 and 02' 426???

You should move to Canada.There is so much land to ride on,

it's great.If you buy a WR brand new you just have to go to the locale DMV, register your bike and get a plate.I go to one place in western Quebec that you can ride all day and never hit the same trail except to get back to the truck.The only problem is there is snow on the ground 4 months of the year.Be thinking about you Bud ,next time I go riding.

If you like riding in Eastern Canada, you'd love it out west. Right now we are in the middle of our ski season, so I won't even ride for another 4-5 months. Oh well if I can't be riding I might as well be getting some powder face shots :)

Maybe you guy can try out snow skiing, just like Doug Henry!

Well well well..

Thanks guys, i'll think of TT each time i ride man!

Thumpers Rule!

If i ever make it out of here and get to your respective countries,

i'll look you guys up and u can bring me where you guys ride...

That would be awesome....

This forum is getting better by the posts man!

Keep 'em coming....


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