More WR pictures wanted!

Kennedy Meadows, California


TK421......I cannot :)


How's the land use issue in Idaho? Any particular hassles? Is the political climate dirt-bike friendly?


I’m still experimenting with posting pictures so bear with me. :) My first links apparently needed a password. :D Let’s try it this way.

Nice pics ddialogue. I keep threatening my family that we are moving to Idaho, one of these days I'm going to follow through.

If y'all can keep this thread up until next week I will have a bunch of pics from the Mammoth MX.

If you go I'm going with you...Who else you gonna ride with? Lets hope in the pictures from the Mammoth moto, we see some photo's of you not sleeping at the starting gate :)

Dan in HB,

We have land use issues as everywhere else but not anywhere nearly as severe as Utah and California. There are several areas here that various groups have been actively trying to shut down for a few years now but with no success. As always, we respect the land and pack it out if we pack it in.

BTW, I freakin' LOVE my WR426 and I'm sure I will LOVE the new WR450 when mine comes in!! :)

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I lived in Idaho for four years, 2 in Boise and 2 in Moscow. In all if this time I barely rode. I rode the Idaho 100 this year for the first time and wish I could go back. Those are some awesome pics. I wish I could be up there riding with you. Been stuck in UT for 3 years now and need to get to the woods. Desert is too dusty and hot.


I have that same skid plate :)


I grew up in Utah so I know exactly where you're coming from with comparison to the different types of riding between Idaho and Utah. My twin brother lives in Salt Lake and rides a...ahem...DRZ400E. :) I always was the faster of the two. :D

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how do you post pic's


The first thing you need is a digital camera… ew.process?RestartFlow=t&IWAction=Load&Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=48&pbegin=0&pdir=0&Sort=Mfr_Name,Current_Price

When you get your camera and have your pictures saved to a .jpg format, then download them to a Free on-line photo sharing service such as:


You must register with them to do this, but at least it won’t cost you anything.

After your photos are downloaded to the photo site you can create links to your pictures. Right click then click Properties on other peoples pictures in Thumper Talk to get examples of how to do this. fcISAPICommand=GetResult&ht=1&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&ebaytag1code=0&query=digital+camera

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Hey There,

here is one of me jumping the road.


I had a little trouble with a double ditch. I chose the fence over the cactus.:banana:








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