WR Front number plate assembly - how does it go on

Hi all,

I have a YZ250, two stroke, and I want to mount a WR front plate & front light to it. Can anyone tell my how the stock WR setup mounts to the forks, and will it fit my YZ?

My YZ has a single 4mm bolt at the top, where the plate mounts to the triple clamp, and then the plate has two pins in it that slide into holes on the lower triple clamp.

I really would appreciate any help on this you can provide. Thank you all.

Two 10mm bolts one each side up top into brackets. The bottom is different though from the YZ, there is a bracket that you screw an additional, ummm screw, into. From memory, not sure if the bracket would mount up or not on a YZ, sorry.


Dodger :):D

the top 2 plaastic tabs on the headlight bolts to these brackets on the top tripple clamps they are item #11&12 on the link #1 below

link #1

the bottom of the headlight housing screws into a bracket with screw #9 see link#2 below

link #2

I cant find the bracket that the bottom screws onto. I think that the bracket hooks onto the bottom tripple clamp somehow.

Hope this helps.

That does help quite a bit guys. Thanks. Anyone got a headlight asm they want to sell?

By the way from the description your bike sounds kickass. Nice machine!

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