Do YZ 450 have more engine Noise then the CR's

I just picked up an used 06 YZ 450 and seems to run well but the engine makes more nosies at idle compared to my 07 CR 450. I had my dealer check it out and adjust the Valves and they told me in looked good "justed needed a little adjustment" and the noises are normal and ok. Still worries me a little. :excuseme:

I cannot make the comparison you talk about because I have only owned Yamaha. However, I can say that all of the Yamis I have had 03, 06 and 08 450's have made quite a bit of noise at idle. I believe they made some tolerance changes in the 08 that was suppose to quiet it somewhat, but I cannot tell. Even with all that noise, every single one of them has ran like a champ. I would not worry about it, its just the way it is...:excuseme:

They are, in fact, cacophonous. The aluminum frame exaggerates it compared with the older steel one. A lot of the noise is the result of primary gear backlash, which was reduced in the '08.

I did the same thing when I first got my 06, took it straight back to a dealer to make sure the amount of engine noise was normal. It ended up being completely fine though and still is after 75hrs.

Thanks guys I read a little more on it and it sound like the 06 & 07's are just noise beasts. Thanks for the replies it make be feel better. Can't wait to ride it this weekend.

Ya mine is like that too, especially with the skid plate on.

To quite it down add a skid plate.:excuseme: Just kidding, if you do choose to get a skid plate expect to get much more noise than you have now.

My 08 is noisy at idle. Once you get the revs up it settles down. Dont forget the motor is set up to haul ass, so its gonna make a little racket!

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