2007 WR450 Airbox removal?!?!?!?! HELP

What is the easiest way to remove the airbox for a good cleaning? I have a ton of sand in the airbox for riding Pismo Dunes and need to clean it out really good. Looks like a pain in the ass to get out competely. :lol: Any suggestions? I also noticed some rivets holding it together. What's that all about? :excuseme: Do you have to pop them to get the box fully apart after removal?


leave the rivets.

Just pull the rear shock and remove the whole airbox.

Doesn't take that long at all.:excuseme:

Maybe I'm not getting it. Don't I have to swing up the subframe to get the shock out? Seems like with the subframe up, I might be able to get the airbox off the subframe without even touching the shock. Am I going about this the wrong way? I have decent mechanical ability but this is driving me nuts!!1

Just pull the subframe off the bike, and hose out the airbox while its still in the sumbframe.

Easiest way to do it.

The WR has a bazzilion wires, hoses and other chit attached to the subframe.

I'd just block off the intake with a shop rag and clean the box with Simple Green and your wife's best bath towels.

She won't mind.

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