New Bars?

Looking for new bars. I have renthal stock bars , I think, they came on the bike. But I am looking for taller and farther back, any ideas. 01 WR 426.

those certainly are not stock. try cr high bend. i like the height of the cr's but they sweep back a little too much for me.

What is the difference between stock and the Renthal?

The WR came with 7/8 Renthal YZ bend tall bars stock.

They're about the tallest bars you will find unless you get into some ATV bars.

I also find them a little low, however, the problem is actually at the tank/seat, the WR has a much higher and bigger tank, this forces the seat up higher early at the front, pushing you higher in the attack position.

To overcome this, it's best to put on a YZF tank and seat (WRF seat does not fit YZF tank).

I just ordered the Pro Taper 7/8 se KX high model...from what I've researched, those and the Renthal Jimmy Buttons are the tallest. I'm 6'0 and I had the Buttons on my DR and they were perfect. I'm trying the Pro Tapers because they are a little narrower for the tight stuff. I'll let you know what I think after I get them installed.

They came with steel bars in 01, not Renthal

my 00 wr400F sure didn't - it came with Renthals, so did my neighbour's 01 wr250F.......could we be priveleged here in Canada?

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