2001 Yz426

change the oem exhaust cam to a 450 cam. no more compression release lever and smoother mid power

well i ride with two yz450s, kx250, and a rmz250 and they throw a lot of rocks up and i dont have a chest protector but am def gunna buy one soon. mostly the 450s throw up the rocks no problem with the other two

well stay in front of them!!!!!

haha your funny

It's 6 or 7 in this thread alone against you... who do you expect the OP to trust?

All I've heard from people with YZ426's is how reliable they are if you take care of them. Every bike's a "your mileage may vary" case, but I don't think one bike (that may not have been maintained right) among many others is a good indication that they're all junk.

It sucks that you got a lemon, but don't let one bad bike give you a bad opinion of all of them.

The first thing I would do is replace the exhaust cam with an auto decompression cam, dial in the jetting (Loved my JD Jetting Kit), get the approriate sprockets and some good tires... Good luck with the new bike...

to those that think 426s are junk, i mean the one that think..... maybe shouldn't think. the 426 was a over engineered bike on the good side. have a friend been riding his for 5 yrs. (bought used) only thing he does is change the oil. and clean it.

i have ridden, raced, and worked on 426s, very solid bike and it is what it is and not anything else . in my opinion those who have trouble with the 426s is a direct result of rider skill, maintenance skills(backyard Mechanics) and understanding of the physics of riding. trying to make something in to something else never works out!! all bikes are great, to someone. and you will be hard pressed to find anyone on this forum to agree that a 426 is junk. beware that with the attitude you displayed here," it's only a matter of time until you 450 is junk" i am willing to bet that you haven't "done" anything (meaning tinkered with)to your 450. The catalyst is you, ergo you maybe the trouble with your previous 426 and your present 450 eventually .

i just hate to see people bash others bikes with no foundations

that's enough,


I had an 01 426, bought it used, rode and raced the crap out of it. NO PROBLEMS. upgraded to the 03 EX. cam and re-jetted. Lots of fun. It was my first 4-stroke. now i ride a 06 yz450f. it is better, but nothing is wrong with the 426.

I had an 01 426, bought it used, rode and raced the crap out of it. NO PROBLEMS. upgraded to the 03 EX. cam and re-jetted. Lots of fun. It was my first 4-stroke. now i ride a 06 yz450f. it is better, but nothing is wrong with the 426.

The 426 I'm in the process of buying will be my first 4-stroke, after years of owning 2-stroke bikes, quads, etc. I used to think that 2-strokes were the be-all, end-all of powersports... until I rode that 426. I'm very quickly falling in love with 4-strokes.

Just get down the gym and start doing leg exercises, I love my 426, but if you have been kick starting 2 smokes, your legs are in for a serious workout starting a 426!! It's not really that difficult, but you do have to develop the correct technique to start a 4 stroke, and that technique is physically tiring to learn!!

i say get the bike and enjoy it... i love mine and have had 0 problems.. oh and back on topic i have a pro motto billet endcap and love it ive hade a power core and a pro circuit and i like the stock with endcap by far the best ...

just my 2 cents......:excuseme:

I've had my '01 426 for 5 years and a friend has one he bought new. Both work great and seem pretty darn bullet proof. As with any machine, without proper maintenance they will breakdown and give you a bad taste in your mouth (sounds like this may have happened to someone...). IMO, performance parts and other aftermarket goodies mean nothing if it's not mechanically sound. It might look cool with all that stuff but getting stuck in the middle of nowhere or pushing it off of the track sure takes away from cool factor.

With that said, I've only done a few things to my bike outside of maintenance. I added an auto d-comp cam, hotstart bar mount, kickstand, and a PMB endcap with SA on the stock can. It starts easy, hot or cold, runs great, and is legal in California. As you can see I'm a no-nonsense person however depending on the type of riding and racing you may want to get suspension work, larger tank, gearing changes, lighting kit, and a steering damper.

I also ride a 426. The only problems that I have experienced with it have been lack of previous owner maintenance. Once I worked out the "backyard mechanics" work from the machine, it has been bulletproof. I am sorry for your bad experience with your machine. Best of luck with the new one!

Well I'm a little late to this thread but wanted to drop my .02, I have an 01 426 I recently picked up from a friend who upgraded to a new KTM. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into bikes as I had my quad and Rhino but fiqured what the hell... the price was right at $1500. I picked it up and stopped by Chaparral on the way home and bought all new plastics, fluids. It came with a brand new chain and sprockets. I tore the carb down and rebuilt it and got it dialed in to start on 1-3 kicks now. I don't have any other 2 wheeler to compare it to but for a 7 year old bike I am very happy. There is no shortage of power what so ever... this bike pulls hard. Another bonus is it is a green sticker bike here in Cali. I figure if I still like 2 wheelers at the end of this season I will go by myself a new bike for next season and keep this as a back up for friends. My only complaint so far is that because it is older the after market items like graphics kits are limited and hard to find. But as for fun factor and bang for the buck a 426 is hard to beat. I can't imagine dropping the coin on a new bike to learn on and throw down in the dirt over and over in doing so, not to mention discovering I really may not like the sport.... I say enjoy yourself, have fun, learn and upgrade when the time comes. The 426 is a great bike. It comes down to skill level on these machines. An experienced rider can still walk away from newer bikes with a 426.

I had to rebuild my 426 FM that i picked up in february. i bought it with a noise.. and it just turned out to be a few teeth broken off of a couple gears on the right side crank and a another gear or two components. Since i have put high comp piston, hot cams, devol radiator, I put about 2000 retail into the bike. not including labor. its really fun now but i am faced with other little problems.. i am realising that parts do get old.. and fail... if you own these bike you nickel and dime into them keeping them dependable. as for my overall mood with it? HAPPY i love riding it to commute to work when my car doesnt want to run, (YES IT'S ILLEGAL :lol: I might be somewhat of an ass, flying down farm roads at 90 mph wide open at 8 30 am :p

I have a 2001 426 and it was rebuilt once since brand new i know the previous owner so i know how well the bike was taken care of it was rebuilt in 2007 so i'd say the bike is a reliable bike and very fun at that.

JD Jet Kit A+++++++ Mod! Look into the BK as well

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