TT Needs Input...

Do we need to add a special forum for the new 450 or is it similar enough to the 400/426 to lump it in with you guys?

Let me know ASAP since I'm making a decision this week.



Let the big bores stick together..


concur w/ SoCal

if you have a seperate forum you'll be killing this one off in three years time.

this is where it all started.


Just keep on, keeping on..............


Birds of a feather-same argument as 400/426-keep em together.

whats in 24 cc ?? Apart from the list of extras that is ??? Let the blue dogs bark together.

Why split off on something that no one has yet, and will not have until December? Right now all we have are pictures and dreams. What is the rush?You can't ride the picture or modify it in any way or change the carb. spring rate or any other thing on it so what is the hurry.... Other than we all want at least one!!!!!!


One stop information shopping seems to have worked well so far...Personally I'm looking forward to the new info, and would hate to keep changing forums constantly.....

I vote for keeping the Big Bore's together.

Bonzai :)

I vote keeping it together. :)

Might as well keep it all in one place. I can't speak for everyone but I know I would be checking the 450 posts every day out of interest and jealously.

Keep it in the family. I'm sure they are similar enough that we could still help each other on most topics.

Keep the big bores together.


Keep them together.....

I'm for keeping them together too :) Big Blue I'd miss you :D

I'm for keeping them together, we all may learn something new from the 450 and its owners.

WE might learn from 450 new owners!!! speak for yourself mate :)

if THEY ask US nicely we might just help them with THEIR throttle stop, with THEIR carburation, with well, just about everything!


Here, I'll rewrite the correction for you... for free...

ThumperTalk Bulletin Board » Yamaha » WR400/WR426/WR450 General Discussion

You may close the thread now...


Keep the big bores together.


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