TT Needs Input...

Keep them together!

together, i'll have both and don't want to change back and forth.

Keep the big bores together

Keep together. This is a great forum!

Keep the 450 with the 400/426 since it replaces the 426 like it replaced the 400.


I stand corrected. What I ment was that WE might learn something new about the 450 that we may be able to apply to our dated machines. There is no doubt that if they are not previous owners of the 400/426, they have a lot to learn, and WE can help with that.----(for free BIG_G)


A rose my any other name is still a rose. WR or YZ..., 400,426,450... Let's just keep things the way they are. We all can learn form the new line-up Yamaha has to offer for 03. :)



Maybe you could place WR400F over WR426F over WR450F and then do the same to the YZ's. that way it would look like we have more forums than the TTR crowd. Then they could lead back to the same forum.

That way the box that pops up under Yamaha would fill up almost the whole page top to bottom instead of just half of it.

Just like a TTR 250 rider doesn't want to be seen by friends going to the 90cc forum, our new WR450F members won't be caught looking at the last year bike riders forum.

What do you guys think?

Lets bore the big bores together so we don’t all get bored!

Keepem in the same .......

Hey I just realized he already did it :)

Originally posted by big_G:

Here, I'll rewrite the correction for you... for free...

ThumperTalk Bulletin Board » Yamaha » WR400/WR426/WR450 General Discussion

You may close the thread now...


Okay, how 'bout a T-shirt for my efforts


(nothing in life is free... right??)


Well I came home from a 15 hour day in the field and while I'm microwaving my dinner I thought I'd pull up ThumperTalk.

I can't believe the changes. The YZ and WR riders have more forums than the TTR crowd.

I came into the WR450F forum and found a thread that I think is going around over on the 400/426 side.

Is this the first thread in here?

All joking aside, I just want you guys to know, THIS SITE RULES.

I found TT about 6 months ago while using GOOGLE to search for WR426 mods. My christmas present to myself had really let me down. I was mad at myself for being brainwashed by the magazines about this competitive 4 stroke enduro. What a joke, this bike barely gave a 25 year old Husky a fair race.

The free mods you guys provided me with truly made this THE MACHINE I thought I was purchasing.

Since signing on I found another WR426 on this site with 1 ride and 18 miles on it for $2500 less than I paid for my new one(Thank you Larry Bond). I can't wait to do the mods to it also.


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