wr cdi vs. yz cdi

I have a wr426 grey wire mod done not sure of the yz timing mod but will check! i have replaced and tested every electrical part on my bike(except cdei) and still no spark. Last thing to do here is change out cdi however I'm now on a limited budget! i found a yz cdi for 140 dollars cheaper then i can find the wr cdi

I have a 2001 wr 426 does anyone know or has it been done yet can i swap the cdi's? another words willt he yz cdi work on my WR ?

Yes, all WR/YZ400/426 CDIs are interchangeable. The plug for the kill switch and grey wire might be different and may require swapping, but it should still work.

someone stated in a post that they may be different voltage outputs one being ac and the other being DC i bought a used yz cdi this weekend and its not working with bike still no spark so it is either a bad cdi still or imcompatibillity issue (yes my spelling stinks)

i found a new yz cdi for 100 bucks cheeper then a new wr cdi! but want to make sure before i purchase another cdi that is doesnt work witht he bike! anybody in washington want to test my cdi on there bikes to see if you get spark? i live in auburn give me a beep bike has been down for 5 months now and its driving me crazy!

hi ive heard the grounding is diferent, not an ac/dc issue but coil ground at generator! dont take my word check it out!

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