Front wheel does not spin freely after new brakes

I just put brakes on the front and they match identically with the stock ones. However, I had a rough time getting them over the disk even after I pushed the pistons flat. I got them on and now it does not spin freely and there is a slight "click" every once in a while when I spin it. i assumed it is the locking metal tabs but cannot see anything out of the ordinary. I want to ride tomorrow so any quick help is greatly appreciated.

Your screen name suggests this is an '08. Why would an '08 need brakes?

If the pads on what ever this was were worn very thin, you mat have to open the master cylinder and release a little fluid from the reservoir so you can push the caliper piston back more.

If you have an '08, and you have installed an aftermarket lever, the pocket in the lever for the M/C plunger may be too shallow, not allowing the fill/return port to open fully.

It's also possible the new pads are too thick.

Make sure the slide pins are lubed properly. Also make sure the pads are seated correctly in the metal clips.

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