Colorado 500

Is anyone going to participate in the Colorado 500 Invitational Charity Run. Saw all of these dirt bikes flowing through the bars and cafe's in Silverton while on a tour through CO w/ some Harley Thug buds of mine. Spoke w/ some of the dirt bikers and it happens every year. I want to go if I can get someone to respond w/ registration information. Usually happens late August. Anybody know about this. There is a website but very limited info.

As you have already mentioned, it is by invatation only. The invite must come from Wally himself or a paticipant with at least one years event (riding)participation.

And heavy emphasis on the charity contribution part.

Good luck and have fun. :)

Actually the sponsor must have attended two 500's before they can sponsor another rider.

In addition, your "sponsor" (veteran host who invited you) is totally responsible for YOUR behavior. You blow it, he doesn't get invited back! Guys are extremely careful who they invite.

This one is primarily for professionals and industry people in auto and motorcycle racing. I have angled for an invite, but haven't gotten in yet. Maybe someday.


Well actually, I've not been invited yet. But, maybe I'm wrong, If demonstrated that one is responsible, experienced and well behaved and is willing to contribute, Ah well, maybe I shouldn't hold my breath. Thanks for your comments. I learned something here. :)

Yes I do ride the Colorado 500, for the last 3 years. The guys are correct you have to be invited by someone that has ridden before or Wally himself. Most of the guys I know will only invite someone they have very good knowledge of, my brother was my first invitee. Wally is very strict on his rules, for good reason, he wants to put on a good face for the sport. If I was to invite someone that acted poorly that person would not be invited back and I probably wouldn't either. I would tell ya to meet someone in your area that rides the 500, ride with them a while and see how that goes and see if you get invited. FWIW it is a great event, well run, great people, and a all around good time.

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