Video of the WR450F in action!!

This three minute video of the 2003 WR450F in action was provided to me courtesy of TT member Adam Wagar. Thanks Adam!! It's 7.6mb and in Windows Media Format. It's making me twitch for my new ride!! Enjoy!

2003 WR450F Video

2003 WR250F Video

Thanks ddialogue and Adams,

I'm actually downloading and will post again as soon as I'm finished watching it....

Math :)

nice vid , but i think i'll wait for a more un-biased ride report from a tt member before making a decision to purchase , man hawkins looks fast , nice single track too . :)

WOW!!! looks even better on the computer. Awesome!!!

:):D :D

Thanks for posting this video, awesome bike!!

I want one!!!!!

Is there a wr250 video!!! I put this link on the wr250 side. You guys got some good scoops here. I just found out the 250's will be here in Hawaii within two weeks. The containers are here stuck in customs. This should be a " TRU " bike for fun.



Yes, there is footage of the WR250 but it looks very similar to the WR450 footage as it was filmed at the same location with the same riders. I could convert it and post it for you if you would like.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx for getting that video adam. :):D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Great vid, i love how they speed it all up to make you think your gunna be a super hero if you buy one. :D :D

ps- I still want one :)

dang ,they look sweet

blue_beast_wins said, "like your gunna be a super hero if you buy one." Sign me up. I need all the help I can get, real or virtual. LOL. :):D :D

The WR450 does look sweet. But to be honest with you, I didn't see it do anything the WR426 couldn't do except the button of course.

Thanks for the link.



I agree with you there. My 02 WR426 isn't even a year old yet and the more I ride it, the more I like it. It has more than enough power for me, even without heavy modifications. I have even considered keeping it and passing on the 450 until 2004. But I've waited so long now at this point (down payment back in June) that I might as well move forward as planned. Seeing it in action is making me just that much more excited. :):D

ok me out here, i cant get the video to play. i got it last night , but i'm not sure what i did.

i think it might have something to do with the buffering.


FALSE ALARM....forget it.... i got it ... no worries...


We all know the WR can go fast in a straight line. I like to see some video of it going through some turns. The one turn he does by the creek looks like he struggled to keep the bike from going into the water.

Cool video! I have to say though, the one thing that I don't like about the '03 WR450 is the electric start. Helped me make my decision to buy the '03 YZ450 instead.


Thanks for sharing Adam & Ddialogue,awesome video.Hawkins rips it up pretty good,like the wheelie around the turn.YEEEEH HAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!! Now you guys need to get your bikes and give us a real world report :DJust makes you wanna ride don't it????

:jawdrop:I new I'd like it. Ordered mine in June! :D My RM250 is the downpayment. Caller bone is healed and ready for the bike. Will be putting new springs in for motocross action as soon as I get it. I'm a fat old MX rider and this will be the last bike I buy. :) After I'm too old for MX I'll put the stock springs in and trail ride. :D

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