Video of the WR450F in action!!

My buddy has had his money down since June as well. He just sold his DRZ today. Just like some of you, he already feels helpless without a bike. Any word at all when the WR will come in?


Thanks that helps to soothe the waiting pains

Hi guys, been reading up on all your posts for a while now, looking into a WR450, this is my first post. How can I actually watch this video, just bits n pieces(lots of buffering), all I have is a dial up connection. Please help. Thanx

Try right clicking on the link and saving the file to your hard drive first. Then play it when ever you like.

Oh ya, duh, my bad, thank you for the kick in the ass jschner. This site is is great.


I can download the video, but when I go to open the file, it tells me access to the specified file is denied. Any suggestions?



That video kicked ass!!

Randy was fast man and he rode like there was nothing in his way.

Now thats Wicked!



This Randy scares me up. I'll never be fast enough (or crazy enough....) to ride my 426 half to its limits :). Did you see that jump that ends in the water, geeees! looks to me he took that one in 3rd gear. If you ever see me riding and approaching such a drop, it will look more like a brake test than anything else!!! :D

Also liked the wheelies

I showed that video to about 29984 people!! riders or not :D

Math :D

You guys should really try to catch a GNCC race. Hawkins flies, but compared to Hawk, Lafferty, Andrews and Smith he is a snail. Those guys are truely amazing!

At the St. CLairsville 02' race the Pros went off a 12' vert drop into a creek, NASTY rock sections, deep mud & water and they were still hauling butt. They do stuff that leave ya standing there scratching your head. :)

Great video by the way. Cant wait until my WR arrives. :D

great video can't wait for my wr to arrive. but atleast i got to see it in action !!

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