need valve help

well i got the rest of my bike back together tonight, i was re shiming the vavles, i used the manuals chart as a guide and ordered the correct shims acroding to it, after checking them again with the new shims there still out of range, just as an example, 2 of the intake started with shim#176, they were measuring a gap of .10mm with a feeler gauge, so i got 170s for them acording to the book, now their like readin about .12 or .13mm on the fealer guage, so my question here is do u have to run the motor(like a break in) or is this normal, if so i figure if id get a 165 shim(next one down in size),but would this also only go up 2mm on the feeler guage, if so should i go with a 160, also ive tried every dealer in the area no one can get the odd shim sizes, thanks


You should be able to get a 165 shim, the part number is 3LD-12168-M1-00. The shims you can buy from Yamaha come in increments of 5, but the factory installed shims are in increments of 1. With DOHC, shim under bucket engines, I have noticed they mostly wear towards a tight valve lash clearance. You are better off with the loose side of the valve clearance range.

If you have a local machine shop you can also have them surface grind your shims to the exact height you need.

One good reason I didn't get rid of mine, so I can grind shims.

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