On/Off road tires....

I'm going to venture onto asphalt with the 450.

I can change street bike tires, but never have done dirt tires.

Would it make more sence to run my knobbies, which will wear out rapidly, or take the knobbies off and get some on/off tires like the Perelli MT 90 Scorpion AT. Run a 110 or 120 on back?

If you run anything but knobbies off road you will be incredibly disapointed and scared. Just get a set of MT 21 DOT knobbies made by Pirelli and you will be happy in both worlds. That is what I run and I manage to get almost 3,000 miles "on the street" out of them before they need to be replaced in my opinion. I run 130/90-18 in teh rear and their 90/90-21 in the front.

I ride my 03 WR450 back and forth to work daily. The tires I run are Kenda Trackmaster K-760 110/100-18 rear 80/100-21 front. They are D.O.T. and very inexpensive. This is my first set after I wore out the stock tires. They seem to be wearing good and are good in the dirt. Just last week I turned the rear tire around to get to get the fresh edge. They are nondirectional and have been on my bike since 05. I got them from Dennis Kirk. Both tires were under $60.00 back then. Not sure how much now.

i run a 160 tire.I use to run knobbies intil i took a digger. rides alot better with street setup


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