Hydraulic Vs. Works Perch

Here's the deal,

I am getting hydraulic clutch installed on my WR400.

My stock clutch is killing me and i can't help but get jealous by my friends KTM and the hydraulic clutch.

Its so easy to pull and never changes feeling.

Question is:

Which would be better ?

A Hydraulic system or getting a Works Perch with ez pull?

I guess they could run the same with costs and the hydraulic costing a little more.

Advice me.....



Once you've put a juice clutch on your bike, you'll never go back. I have one on my XR430. One finger all day long and no fade.

Go for the Magura or Hebo. I have the Magura and will never go back.It has been on the bike since new and never had a problem with it. Maybe Yamaha might see the light and install them on their future WR's.


Look like its a juice clutch after all..

I like the sound of that.

Anyway i am in the process of getting a Hebo juice clutch for my WR400...

Can't wait for it...

As for yamaha, maybe they'll follow the Euro bikes and start putting hydraulics with their Wr's and YZ's.

That'll make them a Blue Beast for sure....

Thank you for the advice....

Anybody else got a jiuce clutch on?

Let me know how's it been.........



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