White brothers MX4 sparky

I have a solution for anyone stuck with this pipe and need a spark arrestor for it.


Theres a kit they sell on ebay for stock yamaha yfz,raptor exhausts,but I made it work for the mx4


All you have to do with this kit is cut the pipe 1/4" past the taper ON THE bell and reinstall the screen on to the end.make sure you deburr the pipe.


I didn't need safety wire around my screen.With just the screen wrapped around the end,the insert fits tight with a light tap of a rubber mallet.Drill a hole and install the retaining bolt and your done.I will post up a picture of the finished product when i get my camera back.

I also noticed it did knock down some of the bark out of a already obnoxious exhaust.The fit and finish looks factory.

Finished product


gettoblaster, could you plaese be specific on the year of yamaha raptor or give a part number. Is it a yamaha part or for an after market slip on? Raptor 600 660 700? I have to make one of these to ride on the trails in northern Michigan. Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated.

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