OEM YZ Plastics - IMS Tank (06-08)

I need to buy some new shrouds since my ims tank is for a yz (no surprise there). i have a couple questions.

1) did you buy oem plastics shrouds or acerbis shrouds

2) do the oem plastics come with the metal washers in them like in the picture below?


OEM is twice the price, probably the best quality though.

I haven't tried Acerbis but I've had Cycra (broke) and UFO on my bike.

I give :excuseme: to UFO.

You use your stock metal inserts.

I got oem yz the first time around , they were only 22 bucks each from the dealer. I was surprised. The second time around I got black Ufo one's for 54 bucks for the pair. No I did not get spacers either time

I went w/ Acerbis for my IMS and also used the stock metal inserts from the WR shrouds - with a bit of tweaking they went on just fine. Not nearly as nice of fit as the stock shrouds along the radiator edges, but good enough. Color was slightly off too, but nothing a nice set of graphics won't fix. :excuseme:

OEM is twice the price

the reason i asked the question was because oem thumpertalk sells them for 17 bucks which is less than a set of acerbis shrouds....i think i will just do oem...

My parts guy tells me the OEM shrouds are cheaper than everything else but all other OEM plastic (fenders, side panels, etc...) are more $ than aftermarket.

I have two sets of OEM YZ shrouds, one blue and one white... pretty sure they both came with inserts:excuseme:

Well I ran all these shrouds without graphics and the oem one's took the most hit's without showing white fatigue discloration. UFO's a close second.

If you can get OEM's at that price it's a no-brainer :excuseme:

One note about the OEM shroud price difference. They are sold seperately per side not in pairs like aftermarket. One OEM was the same price as a pair of aftermarket for me in Canada.

I bought the YZ shrouds from Acerbis for my 07 WR450 after getting an IMS tank and the new shrouds did not come with any inserts or hardware. Took all that off the old shrouds. Did use the stock seat though. Little tight but works fine. Now once my wrist heals up I'll be able to ride it!!!!!!!!!

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