YZ 426 Swing Arm bolt

Wondering if anyone can help, I put my bike under water and made a big mistake of starting it after. I am rebuilding the engine witch still runs but I am having big big big trouble with the swing arm bold. I have tried all the basic tricks including beating the crap out of it. It will not move, am I doing something wrong or missing a step. The bike is a 2000 YZ 426 so I know it's going to be tough to get out but now I've killed the threds pounding on it and it still won't move. If anyone can give me a hint or idea it would be a big help, I'd love to get back out there befor winter comes.


i used a 3 pound sledge on a brass punch to get mine out, from the sounds of it its to late for you to use the brass punch. I had to use a smaller punch and push the bolt all the way out.

Soak everything you can get to with a good penetrating oil along where the bolt runs - every space you can find - just soak and resoak, and resoak some more, hammering in between to help loosen it all up.

I used an extension from the socket set to punch it out but mine wasn't seized, a drift/punch will probably seat itself better in the hole. Make sure your brake pedal has been taken off too.

in your case - a 3-5 lb will be needed - some people have had to set their bike into a shop press to get it out - hope that doesn't apply to you.

Thanks for that it worked. The bolt finally came out.

Thanks for the help.

Looks like the OP is all set.

However I found a neat technique for this if anyone finds it in a search later. Basically you run the engine for a few minutes, which heats the bolt. Now you can just pound the bolt out.

That won't help much in a situation like this, where the engine either does not run, or should not be run. However, applying heat carefully to the steel sleeves at the rear of the engine can be helpful. In doing so, be aware that you will likely damage the seals on the swing arm bearings.

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