Help Sand in Motor!!!!!! 06YZ450

:excuseme::lol::excuseme::banana: I was riding my bike today on some single track going uphill in second or third gear, when it starting making a really bad clicking sound. I pulled in the clutch and hit the kill switch. We towed the bike back to the truck and I puttered around the parking lot a little bit, ran through all of the gears. The bike started fine and shifted as normal, and had no decrease in power.

I got the bike home, pulled the oil filter and it was full of sand from last weekend spent at the sand dunes. (Came in through vent tube)

I now have two problems.

1. Where did the clicking noise come form.

2. What to do about the sand.

I have since pulled the valve cover off and the the cams aren't scuffed as far as I can tell. Is there anyway to clean the sand out of the motor? Can I just change the oil and run the motor a little bit and then drain the oil and repeat?

It also feels like the clutch is really dragging when I pull in the clutch lever. Could the sand in the oil be causing this? This bike has been great up to this point. What do you guys think I should do?


Hey no more, you already know the answer to your question, just admit it to yourself, you gotta pull motor and disassemble it , good luck

sounds like you have to pull the motor and will have a date with a parts washer. i have had similar experiences with truck motors and lake sand and if it is ran at all after the sand gets in the motor than everything needs to be cleaned thuroughly. all new seals possibly new oil pump and hopefully the crank bearings arent scored and cylender walls arent scratched.

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