June 30th Wayne Ride

Hey guys! Are we still doing this ride at Wayne National Forest on the 30th? I am probably going to Wayne this weekend to see how my knee holds up.

It is almost healed. I usually have trouble in the morning with stiffness, but after a couple of hours it is fine.

Mark how is your bike, hopefully everything is going smooth.

Mike Carpenter, how was your trip in PA? Wasn't it the past weekend?

I'm still planning on coming up,we just need to decide on a time to meet and which trailhead we're gonna meet at.

I think the original plan was to meet at the Carbon Hill parking area at 9:00 am. There is a hot dog stand there.


Bike got back together Tuesday afternoon in time for short ride at Wild Wilderness. To get it back together quickly, I didn't wait for a new head gasket. Had very minor coolant leak on third ride (Friday night), maybe a teaspoon. Pulled cam towers beside truck and retorqued head bolts, maybe 5 ft lbs over. Everything is fine. Still will put new head gasket and rings in it first rainy day.


Yep, I'll be there as well. Had a blast in SE-PA. It rained the whole time, though!

So it is final, 9:00 am at carbon hill

Barring bad weather, I'll be there.


I will be coming the night before, is there an area to park my truck and trailer? how do I get there and what is the closest place to get a pass? if anyone is interested in sharing a ride I will be going by pittsburg and then across. I have room for up to 3 people, bikes and gear. i have a 24' enclosed trailer and just sleep inside. I can change my route if needed.

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